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Paris Gare du Nord Information

Paris Nord (or Gare du Nord, "North Station"), is one of the six large terminus stations of the SNCF mainline network for Paris, France. It offers connections with several urban transportation lines, including Paris Métro. By the number of travelers, at around 190 million per year, it is the busiest railway station in Europe and the busiest in the world outside Japan.

Gare du Nord is the station for trains to Northern France and to international destinations in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. The station complex was designed by the French architect Jacques Hittorff and built between 1861 and 1864. It is situated in the 10th arrondissement of Paris.

The original Gare du Nord railway station was opened in 1846. In 1857, however, due to lack of space, a decision was made to replace the old railway station with one that was three times bigger.

The old railway station was demolished in 1860 and the construction of the new station was carried out until 1865. It opened in 1864, however, while construction work was still taking place.

SNCF, Eurostar and Thalys are the three companies that provide services at the railway station. Eurostar runs trains from Paris to London; Thalys provides services to Belgium, Germany and Holland; and SNCF operates services between Paris and Amiens.

Paris Gare du Nord Information